Search Engine Optimization Strategies

Michael Wong is the author of, "Search Engine Optimization Strategies: Top 30 Search Engine Optimization & Submission Strategies For Dummies" (2002). It was one of the earliest books on search engine optimization. Over 3,000 copies at $37 each were sold.

Previously, Michael founded, a popular webmasters portal, in 1998. It was acquired 18 months later by a SoftBank portfolio company, iBoost Technology, Inc. Michael joined the company as Editor-in-Chief.

Originally from the UK, Michael has lived and worked in London, Los Angeles, Hong Kong, and Sydney.

Michael has kindly given permission to publish "Search Engine Optimization Strategies" online, for FREE! Click on any of the links below to begin.

  1. What Is Search Engine Marketing?
    1. Should You Outsource Your SEO Campaign, Or Use An In-House Solution?
  2. How To Design A Website With Search Engine Optimization In Mind
    1. Website Categories
    2. Website Usability
  3. How To Target The Right Keywords For Top Rankings
    1. How To Find Out Which Keywords You Should Target In Your Webpages
    2. Why You Must Sprinkle Uncommon Keywords & Synonyms In Your Pages
    3. What Is Keyword Prominence?
    4. How To Add Keywords To Link Titles
    5. Do Keywords In Domain & File Names Affect Rankings?
  4. Basic Search Engine Optimization Techniques
    1. The Dangers Of Adding Trademarked Keywords To Meta Tags
    2. What Is A Robots.txt File?
    3. Major Search Engine Robot User-Agents
    4. How To Change Header Font Sizes With CSS
    5. 9 Tips On How To Create Optimized Site Maps
    6. ASCII Chart (Alphanumeric Characters)
    7. How To Optimize Frame Based Webpages
  5. Slightly More Advanced Search Engine Optimization Techniques
    1. Should I Use Software To Create Hundreds Of Virtually Identical Doorway Pages?
    2. What Is Cloaking?
  6. Why I Believe Themed Websites Do Not Improve Search Engine Rankings
    1. Examples Of Webpages That Outrank Themed Websites
  7. How To Increase Your Site's Link Popularity For Higher Search Engine Rankings
    1. How To Increase Your Site's Link Popularity For Higher Search Engine Rankings
    2. How To Construct Links For Optimum Results
    3. Sample Reciprocal Link Request Email Subject Titles
  8. How To Improve Your Link Popularity With Mini-Sites
  9. How To Submit To Search Engines
    1. Search Engine Submission Software That Automates The Submission Process
  10. How To Submit To Web Directories
    1. Examples Of Successful Web Directory Listing Titles & Descriptions
    2. 7 Web Directory Submission Tips
  11. How To Monitor Your Search Engine Rankings
  12. Google
    1. What Is Google PageRank?
    2. A Simple Technique That Gets A Brand New Website Indexed By Google Within 24 Hours
    3. What Is The Google Toolbar?
  13. What's All The Fuss About The Google "Florida" Update?
    1. Google Adds Word Stemming (Variations)
    2. Remove Comment Tags
    3. Quick Tips For Improving Your Google Rankings
    4. Yahoo! Search
    5. Yahoo! Search Submissions
    6. Does Yahoo! Site Match Guarantee Inclusion In Yahoo! Search?
  14. MSN Search (Beta)
  15. Top 3 Web Directories
    1. Open Directory Project (ODP) Index
    2. LookSmart Directory
  16. Top 2 Web Portal Search Engines
  17. How To Advertise In Search Engines & Web Directories
  18. Top 5 Pay Per Click Search Engines
    1. Google AdWords
    2. How Google AdWords Ads Are Ranked
    3. 2 Ways Non-US Residents Can View US-Only Google AdWords Ads
    4. FindWhat
  19. How To Optimize Pay Per Click Search Engine Ads
    1. Google AdWords Can Bill Twice For One Click Through!
  20. Top 10 Price Comparison Engines
    1. Yahoo! Shopping
  21. Top 2 Metasearch Engines
  22. Search Engine Optimization Forums & Support Sites
  23. Students' Questions & My Answers
    1. 20 New Students' Questions & My Answers
    2. Q: I am setting up a new website, and was wondering whether it makes a difference if the domain name is 29 characters long.
    3. Q: Question on PageRank. In your book you stated, "Concentrate on getting as many different quality sites as possible to link to one page on your site, usually your homepage. Do not spread the links to different pages."
  24. Final Words
  25. Glossary
    1. ASP (Application Service Provider)
    2. CGI (Common Gateway Interface)
    3. DHTML (dynamic HTML)
    4. freeware
    5. incoming link
    6. Linux
    7. Net Delivery Exposure (NDX)
    8. pixel
    9. screensaver
    10. SSI (Server-Side Include)
    11. viral marketing