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Does Yahoo! Site Match Guarantee Inclusion In Yahoo! Search?

No. Site Match only guarantees a review of your submitted URLs within 4 business days. If a URL is refused, you get a second review of the URL at no additional cost. However, after that you must pay again for review.

Why Is My Site In The Yahoo! Directory, But Not In The Yahoo! Search Results?

The reason is because there are separate editorial guidelines for the Yahoo! Directory, Add URL, crawler and Site Match services.

Directory submissions are reviewed by editors only. Sites from the Add URL, Site Match service or crawler are reviewed both by editors and algorithmically.

If the Yahoo! spider catches a site using search engine optimization spam techniques, such as hidden text, it would bar the site from its index. This and other search engine spam techniques are quite as easy to detect by human editors.

As such, a site could be accepted into the Yahoo! Directory but not into the Yahoo! Search results.

This is OK because the directory listings are not ranked by relevance and therefore are not influenced by search engine spam techniques, such as the hidden text. But with the algorithmic search, the hidden text is in violation of editorial guidelines because it is an attempt to influence the relevance of the Yahoo! Search results.

So inclusion in the Yahoo! Directory does not guarantee inclusion in the Yahoo! Search results.

My Site Has Been Excluded From Yahoo! Search. How Can I Find Out Why?

If your site is excluded from Yahoo! Search, and youíre unsure why, you could try emailing This was suggested by Tim Mayer, Yahoo's Director Of Product Management, in a WebmasterWorld forum thread -

My Site Has Been Excluded From Yahoo! Search. Where Can I Appeal Against This Ban?

If you believe your site was incorrectly excluded from the Yahoo! Search results, or you feel that you have corrected the issues that led to your exclusion, you can ask Yahoo! to re-evaluate your site.

Contact Yahoo! at:

This is the only email address you should use. As you might imagine, Yahoo! have a backlog of requests for review, so please be patient. It may take at least two months for your site to be re-evaluated and may take longer for that site to be updated in the search results.

How To Submit Not-For-Profit Sites To The Yahoo! Public Site Match Program

Not-for-profit sites can submit their webpages to the Yahoo! Public Site Match program. To do that, send an email to Yahoo! at with your site information to see if it qualifies for the program. They will follow up with you if additional information is required.

Iíve Heard That Yahoo! Excludes Affiliate Sites From Its Yahoo! Search Results - Is That True?

Kind of. Yahoo! says they donít want its Yahoo! Search index to contain duplicate content. So they try to avoid indexing affiliate sites that display the same sales letters, articles, etc., as other affiliates of the product/service.

So the answer is that Yahoo! is excluding webpages with the same content. It just happens that many affiliate sites use the same content, and is caught in the crossfire.

Iím still conducting tests on how to optimize webpages for higher rankings in the new Yahoo! Search index. Hopefully I will have something for you in the next update. Please accept my sincerest apologies for any inconvenience caused.

Yahoo!ís Own Search Engine Ranking Tips

Yahoo! offers some search engine ranking tips in its, ďHow do I improve the ranking of my web site in the search results?Ē Help section.

For your convenience, I have republished the tips here (Gee, I hope I donít get a letter from Yahoo!ís lawyers for this):