Search Engine Optimization Strategies

How To Advertise In Search Engines & Web Directories

Advertise in the major search engines and web directories if you want guaranteed exposure. Costs can vary greatly, so decide on the form of search engine advertising that fits your marketing budget.

There are four types of search engine advertising:

Search Engines That Offer Banner Advertisements

Banner advertising on search engines and web directories is one way of getting your message in front of search engine users without optimizing your listings. You simply pay for banner ads to be displayed on the same page as the search results, in web directory sub-categories, or across a site or network of sites.

The banners are either non-targeted (Run of Site - ROS, or Run of Network - RON), or targeted by keywords, topic, category, demographics, countries, or some other variable. Targeted banner advertising costs more than non-targeted banner advertising, but is preferred, due to improved return on investment.

Here are a list of major search engines, web directories and metacrawlers and direct links to their respective pages on banner advertising:

Premium Search Engine Advertising

Search engines also offer premium positions for large advertisers. Typically the ads are displayed at the very top of the page, above the search results. Minimum buys are usually in the thousands of dollars per month and usually require commitments of several months at the very least.

Google Advertising

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