Search Engine Optimization Strategies

Google AdWords Can Bill Twice For One Click Through!

I recently read a report from a reputable source that if someone clicks on your link in Google AdWords, visits your site, returns to Google, and then hits the back button; Google counts this as another billable click.

It probably doesn’t occur too often. But wouldn’t you still kind of feel cheated by Google?

How To Minimize Bid Gaps

Bid gaps are the price differences between rankings in pay per click search engines.

For example:

#1 - $1.00
#2 - $5.00
#3 - $0.49

The bid gap between the #1 and #2 ranked listing is fifty cents, whereas the bid gap between the #2 and #3 listing is only one cent.

The majority of the major pay per click search engines does offer a minimum bid gap feature so that you only pay one cent more than the next highest ranked listing. However, the majority of the smaller pay per click search engines doesn’t offer this feature. So unless you minimize the bid gaps, manually, using a bid optimization service, or software program, you’re almost certainly paying more than you should for click throughs.

There are 4 types of bidding tools to help you minimize bid gaps…

2 Online Bid Gap Optimization Services

If you want to constantly monitor and optimize your keyword bids, then automated online keyword bid optimization services are a good option.

They work by monitoring your keyword bids to identify opportunities whereby they can minimize the gap between the price you are paying and the price you need to pay to maintain the position. When a bid gap is found, they automatically adjusts the bid for you to ensure you only pay one cent more than the highest ranked listing below yours.

2 Bid Gap Optimization Software

Keyword bid optimization software is similar to their online counterparts, except they run on your computer. Keyword bid optimization software usually costs far less than the monthly fees charged by self serve keyword bid optimization services.

The disadvantage is that unless you have a constant connection to the internet, the software will only monitor your bids when you are connected. This could lead to missed bidding opportunities.

Bid Gap Monitoring Software

Keyword bid monitoring software reports bid gaps. Unlike bid gap optimization tools, they do not automatically adjust your bids.