Search Engine Optimization Strategies

Search Engine Optimization Forums & Support Sites

In this section you’ll find search engine websites where you can mingle with fellow search engine optimizers and experts alike and ask questions, offer advice, start or join in discussions.

Popular Search Engine Discussion Forums

Here are some popular search engine discussion forums:

2 Search Engine Optimization Usenet Newsgroups

Search engine Usenet newsgroups offer a collection of user submitted messages and discussions on various search engine topics that are posted to servers on a worldwide network.

Usenet newsgroups are similar to discussion forums, except they are usually not moderated, which means you sometimes have to shift through the junk to access the useful information. Google offers a way to view and post messages on Usenet through Google Groups.

The following Google Groups offer messages and discussions on search engine related topics. Not all threads are relevant. Therefore I suggest that you search a newsgroup by entering keyword(s) and select the "Search only in..." option to refine your search.

Pay Per Question Site

Pay per question sites offer answers to questions in return for an agreed fee, usually in the region of US$5-25.

Pay Per Minute Advice Site

Pay per minute advice sites offers answers to questions and live advice over the telephone. The phone charges can vary from a few cents to a few dollars per minute. So be careful otherwise you could end up with a huge phone bill!

The main advantage of pay per minute advice sites is that they can provide immediate answers to your questions. The downside is the cost. Those phone charges can quickly add up, if you get drawn into a long conversation with the expert, so have a clock or watch handy and keep an eye on the time.