Search Engine Optimization Strategies

Should You Outsource Your SEO Campaign, Or Use An In-House Solution?

Should you outsource, or dedicate someone in-house to your SEO campaigns? That is a good question. The answer is it all depends on the resources available.

If you're a small company, then it probably isn't feasible to hire a full-time employee for SEO purposes.

Since you're reading this book, I suspect that you may be the person who's responsible for the SEO activities in your business. If that is the case, ignore the rest of this chapter. Instead jump straight to the next chapter and read the rest of this book.

But if your company has the resources, I would always recommend dedicating at least one employee to SEO for the following reasons:

But you must make sure the employee has the skill and experience to handle the task.

All too often, companies find someone in-house who thinks they are up to the task, because they had read a book on SEO. Slowly they realize that the person neither has the skill, nor the experience, to achieve the success they expected.

Has this happened to your company? If you are experiencing that now, then maybe itís time to out-source the work to a professional.